Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Planking cheats: a disgrace to the sport

Bogus plankers use green screen technology to fake recumbent achievements.
Veteran plankers say some newcomers are making a mockery of the sport by digitally manipulating photographs to garner undue recognition.

Founding member of Planking Australia, Gary Androli said the subversive practice is counter to the fundamental spirit of planking.

"It's only a minority that's doing this but it still has an impact on how plankers are judged by the wider community and we need to stamp it out right away," he said.

"They use green screens and Photoshops [sic] and stuff. I don't want to go into the technical details too much, in case it gives more people [spurious] ideas. But they make it look like they're planking in dangerous environments. In my own personal view, you haven't earned respect for planking at the mouth of an active volcano unless you've [legitimately] planked at the mouth of an active volcano."

Guy and Annie (not their real names), the ersatz plankers pictured, refused to comment, other than to provide us with pseudonyms.

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