Tuesday, 19 July 2011

In protest of 'Ban the Burqa Day' protest

Simon and Judy Lovejoy, organisers of 'Ban "Ban the Burqa Day" Day' protest.

A nationwide counter-protest group donned ski masks and balaclavas yesterday to convey their opposition to the Facebook instigated 'Ban the Burqa Day' protest.

Simon and Judy Lovejoy say they felt compelled to organise 'Ban "Ban the Burqa Day" Day' after hearing of the original anti-burqa protest.

"Like the majority of Australians, we embrace diversity and are appalled by racism and bigotry in all its forms," said Ms Lovejoy.

"Covering our faces today is our way of showing solidarity with burqa-wearing citizens and letting anti-burqa protesters know they won't be tolerated," added Mr Lovejoy.

"That sort of palaver is just un-Australian and the only way to stamp it out is by doing something completely un-un-Australian," he said.

The group estimates the number of participants to have been "about nine".

"It was hard to tell, since the other mob were all wearing masks too... then on top of that we saw some women wearing actual burqas so we're not sure whose side they were on," said Ms Lovejoy.

"It was all a bit confusing."

Supporters of the cause are urged to visit myspace.com/banbantheburqadayday.

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