Saturday, 17 March 2012

Merch-ing Russell's muscle tussle

Online promotion for the official Kony 2012 "Meltdown Kit".

Co-founder of Invisible Children, Jason Russell, who created  the viral "Kony 2012" film, is undergoing care in a psychiatric hospital after San Diego police were called to a bizarre incident on Thursday.

The filmmaker was taken into custody after neighbours reported him running around in his underpants, then eventually naked, masturbating, and repeatedly shouting "Everybody Wang Chung". Police took him to a mental health facility for observation.

In keeping with Russell's primary goal, "to make Kony famous", the marketing-savvy charity has released a heavily branded Meltdown Kit to be distributed to interested followers.

According to a spokesperson, "Jason's meltdown made headlines around the world. It's not everyone's cup of tea but if we can convince just a small percentage of our supporters to engage in similar public displays on April 20th, the media coverage will be unprecedentedly massive."

The kits, containing a range of masturbatory paraphernalia and customisable follow-up press release, are available for US$30.

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